Boost Your Earnings!

Here Are Some Top Reasons Why Your Own Candy Business Can Advance Your Personal and Financial Goals.

  • PickSweetique is the original inventor of upscale Pick & Mix candy and snack retail concepts with more than 30 years of design, fabrication and retail experience in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
  • We provide customized candy and snack business opportunities for personal and financial freedom that are ‘Too Sweet To Pass”!
  • Candy and snack retail is usually more recession-proof than other products because consumers seek quick and relatively low cost and instant gratification.
  • Subject to purchase volume, product mix, sources and respective cost of goods, bulk candy and snack retail prices can produce gross margins of 80% or more.
  • Some of our candy and snack stores produced annual sales of more than $ 800.00 per active retail square foot, which amounted to more than three times the sales average in shopping centers.
  • PickSweetique consistently ranked first in its category in “Annual Total Sales” and “Annual Sales per Square Foot”, the two most important indicators of successful candy and snack retail sales performance in shopping centers.
  • In some locations our candy and snack retail concepts achieved returns on investment in less than five months and sales rose 130% over other commercial candy displays.
  • A Flex-Wall expansion can be added to a candy retail location for less than $10K.
  • An investment of $25K to $30K can finance a full size candy and snack kiosk.
  • A franchised inline store can cost $250,000.00 or more plus permanent franchise, royalty, marketing, legal and other other ongoing fees. What is worse, you are not your own boss!
  • No retail experience is required to operate our candy and snack concepts. With our own hands-on experience of 30+ years we will guide you through all aspects of candy retail.
  • In qualified and select regional areas we may be able to assist with specialty retail leasing opportunities. The driving elements of the Pick & Mix concept are impulse, instant gratification, curiosity and excitement which create customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Self-service candy retail reduces labor and operating expenses. Shop-In-Shop locations and unused floor spaces can produce increased revenue and profits without added costs of rent and operations.
  • PickSweetique’s modular candy and snack displays are the most compact, efficient and variable quality retail systems available.
  • We take your business personally!
Why Partner With Us?
Our mission is to provide profitable, affordable and unique business opportunities supported by our own 32 years of hands-on experience in the candy and snack retail. We are located in Houston, TX with national partners in Massachusetts, Florida, California and Nevada. Our unique custom designs, cost-efficient quality fabrication and turn-key management services set the standards for successful candy and snack retail projects and the potential of high returns on investment.